is an ambitious and self-motivated composer experienced in working with award winning filmmakers and for sync companies.

Tommy imparts a piece of himself and his life into every piece of music he composes due to his creative introspection. Even now, Tommy is constantly improving through critical self-analyses and drive for his own definition of perfection.

He started making music when he was 9 and never stopped. Graduated from music and sound production technology at Bournemouth University, whilst being self-employed and starting Esrever Audio. As well as being employed by sync company The Sound Works.

Logistically, Tommy's punctual professionalism makes creative collaboration a dream. Artistically, his eclectic knowledge of genre and tone foster a considered environment where scoring becomes as narratively nuanced as the script itself. His elegant and sophisticated style is palpable in all the work we've done together. No last minute change is ever too much, no idea ever too 'out there'.

Working with Tommy was great. I was fortunate enough to sit in with him on a few sessions whilst he worked on our projects. He is a very dedicated and passionate person, he cares about projects as much as every other member of the team and will put himself into every bit of music he writes.

Working with Tommy Bradly was not only a very friendly process but an efficient one. Sound is one of the most abstract elements in film and sometimes it's hard to actually build an understanding, or accurately communicate what you want as director. However, this was quite easy with Tommy. We exchanged different reference examples and he worked based on the draft edit giving me several options. It was great!


A broad yet refined selection of true top quality music across many genres, the Esrever Audio license catalog is the perfect place for extreme quality at incredibly fair prices. 

All our music is available to license no matter your project, and special alterations can be made.


A large scale recording project in which choirs and orchestral arrangements were recorded in the Christchurch Priory over a six hour period.

All of the production decisions throughout the whole recording session were made and executed by Tommy Bradly



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